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Title: Trust statement on investment from 5USport
Post by: FezNTFC on June 30, 2017, 14:21:25 pm
Northampton Town Supporters' Trust is excited to hear further details in the coming weeks from 5USport following the announcement of their investment in Northampton Town Football Club.

We very much look forward to finding out more about the company, and we would like to extend an early invitation both to Tom Auyeung and Oliver Zheng of 5USport, as well as to Kelvin Thomas and other directors, to attend an Open Forum arranged by the Trust and give fans the opportunity to discover their plans for our club moving forward.

The deal came as a surprise to us all, but we were thrilled to hear the comments from 5USport highlighting our fan base as a key part of the attraction of their investment. We are sure as the season progresses 5USport will witness first hand what a special club we are thanks to our loyal and passionate fans.

The Cobblers' fan base has a long history of backing their club to the hilt, demonstrated most by the formation of this Supporters' Trust back in 1992, the first of its kind and a model followed across the world.

In the future dealings we hope to have with 5USport, the Trust aims to impress on them the importance in English football of the supporter movement, and - as we always have done with club owners - hope to convince them of the benefits of having a supporters' elected representative on the board of the football club.

We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet with 5USport as soon as possible, and we wish both the club's new partners, as well as Kelvin Thomas, David Bower, Mike Wailing and James Whiting, the best of luck in continuing the strides forward we have made both on and off the pitch in the last two years.