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May 25, 2018, 19:53:33 pm
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1  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC next manager on: May 03, 2018, 10:33:03 am
Jury still out on DA here....If he can get them up for a performance on Saturday when there's nothing to play for he could well get my vote.
2  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Oldham Athletic (h)- Last game of the season- Last game in League One on: May 01, 2018, 18:42:45 pm
I have seen The Cobblers win 9-0. So it is possible, mind you it was 1958 at the County Ground. Once every 60 years seems about right. Against Exeter if anyone interested.

The best I've seen was in 66/67 season when we beat Brighton 8-0 in a league cup replay...Now wouldn't that be a **** if that happened. Grin
3  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Oldham Athletic (h)- Last game of the season- Last game in League One on: April 30, 2018, 23:16:35 pm
After all the abuse Grimes has had on here I must say I'm surprised to see him just behind Taylor and Balding in the POTS award...even ahead of JJOT  Grin Grin
4  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Walsall Satdee (great escape part two) on: April 29, 2018, 21:09:54 pm
I still don't think it was the right thing to do.....a draw would have kept us in the "hunt".......

If we needed the win and that was Austins mindset from the start then why did he start one up top? Why not play three up front from the off? Grab an early goal or two and then sit back on the lead, whilst the Walsall natives got restless.

Throwing the two strikers on changed nothing......the formation stayed the same. O'Toole dropped back into the gap left by McWilliams and Long was stuck out wide right in place of Crooks. Van Veen played in the hole instead of O'Toole behind Hoskins. Nothing really changed at all formation-wise.

I also don't buy the "we took him off as he was on a yellow" argument. Walsall didn't do that with their playmaker Ozthumer.......even though he could have seen red for a dive soon after his first yellow.

In hindsight we should have took the easy option and protected the point. Then with a win over Oldham and a defeat for Rochdale at home to Charlton we'd have stayed up. It didn't matter what Wimbledon were doing, even Walsall. 20th place was well within our grasp......and we gave it up on a g*mble.

It's all if's and but's....If Vv had taken his chance he would be a hero and Austin would be a brilliant tactitian but he didn't and he's not...Hindsight is a wonderful thing
5  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: DEAR MR THOMAS- More questions than answers? on: April 11, 2018, 18:08:25 pm

As someone else posted there must be a reason we have never sold a player for big big money.

Mainly because if someone offered a fiver we'd snatch their hands off
6  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: April 11, 2018, 16:30:26 pm
Its our only hope of increasing the capacity in a sustainable way that excites those who we seek to attract in bigger numbers, our younger fans.
Theres no ban on new terracing that has a safety certificate, as seen at the saints.
Also note while we're at it, there is no 25 yo covenant stating Sixfields should not be redeveloped or any gypsie curse on us, though the latter does make me think.

My apologies...It wasn't a court that decided it was the government  Wink

7  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: April 11, 2018, 11:51:03 am
No brainer, fit out the east stand to an acceptable level and build a bank of terracing and sell the club hard.
That initial investment will pay dividends for many years to come in order to continually adding new players.
Also when we do make the step up, for once we'll be ready to compete there. 

What the **** is your obsession with terracing...It's never going to be allowed back as court case this week went towards proving...As soon as we go up we'd have to knock the bloody thing down again..You really don't help yourself
8  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: April 10, 2018, 23:55:32 pm

It will be having a terracing that finally allow us to one day challenge as a league 1 club so lets get it built.

So how many clubs above us in the league ladder have terraces now. Having a decent side to get us out of league 2 is gonna be needed way before standing room for away fans.
9  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Peeling The Tangerines 10.4.18 on: April 09, 2018, 22:21:52 pm
Nope but itís decreased our chances
Then why post in the first place?
10  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: The Hotelend Grand National Sweepstake 2018 on: April 09, 2018, 00:02:27 am
I suppose I'd better defend my title  Grin Grin
11  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Relegation Watch on: April 08, 2018, 17:04:55 pm
Trouble is that Blackpool demolished Bradford last Saturday so getting a result there is going to be tough.

Bradford have only picked up 5 points since the start of January. Yes,it was a convincing win but against a team nearly as out of form as we are  Grin Grin
12  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: What sort of club do you want? on: April 04, 2018, 13:31:53 pm
20 year Ground naming rights to fund the East stand fit out to acceptable standard then raise future revenues, selling multiple seasons in advance, fa premiership do grants and loans, local sponsorship and benefactors to help build up behind the south stand to increase capacity and improve the over all look of the place.. not a big fan of crowd funding as it doesn't give any value.
That is all the redevelopment we need right there in which to make us a more attractive to visit and allow us to survive and maybe compete in league 1 when we next return.
The money is there but not the will and thats partly due the owners probably  not wanting it on there watch?

Congrats Beds on reaching 1600 posts...however, not sure copy and pasting every time counts  Grin Grin
13  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Posh away on: April 04, 2018, 10:34:12 am
Wasn't it the little prick who our abysmal scouting network failed to spot?

Yep....and he still lives in Grange Park  Grin Grin
14  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: JIMMY OUT! on: April 02, 2018, 23:49:58 pm
Jimmyís signings are without doubt worst than JEDs
Facey and Ariyibi have done ok but Iím not sure any of the others have improved us to date , including VV

I thought Melville was head of recruitment...He has been the one constant through this whole debacle and still has a job!!
15  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC next manager on: March 31, 2018, 23:56:31 pm
Gotta be Tisdale..He managed to get around 1.75 million for Grimes  Grin Grin Grin Grin
16  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Shrewsbury line up? on: March 18, 2018, 14:56:01 pm
I guess quite a few...but when he's replaced by someone who isn't up to league 2 standard is it not allowed to call for Buchs back?

That wasn't intended to be my point....Just a case of be careful what you wish for...
17  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Shrewsbury line up? on: March 18, 2018, 14:50:12 pm
To save me trawling back through old threads ...How many of you guys wanting Buchs back in the team were saying he was past it/not up to league 1 standard before the January window? Huh? Huh?
18  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: March 17, 2018, 23:23:55 pm
To be fair Cobblergaz59 you are watching football in a ramshackle stadium already , it's just not winning or entertaining. So that lets your post down.

Trust me for someone who grew up on the hotel end this stadium is not even close to ramshackle  Grin Grin
19  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: March 17, 2018, 12:38:34 pm
Do a poll by asking 100 football fans if they would be more likely to visit a professional looking atmospheric stadium with large supporters bar and other facilities found in modern stadium than a small basic one thats inadequate.
If the results are possitive in favour of the former then thats all you need to know, take your findings ti KT and point out his over sight and demand he act apon them.
Hope that helps.

Can only speak for myself but I'd rather be watching my team playing winning entertaining football in a ramshackle old ground than playing cr@p boring losing football in a professional atmospheric ground.
What I'm trying to say is...It's not black and white and as simplistic as you try to make cant shoehorn everyone into the same category
20  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Pish Tickets Easter Monday on: March 14, 2018, 15:08:15 pm
Are they taking the ****?

Yes indeed they are taking the pish.
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