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July 23, 2018, 04:31:14 am
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1  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Ins and Outs - Summer 2018 on: July 21, 2018, 11:47:51 am
Every player has a price and if another club is not prepared to meet that price then there is no transfer - pretty simple really and I donít care if they are disgruntled itís tough luck. That said I wouldnít be at all surprised if some move on at the 11th hour as thatís what footballís like - clubs bluffing and trying to get players on the cheap only to suddenly find that bit extra when the deadline approaches. It is likely to leave us in the sh** though.
Exactly this. Is there actually any evidence of disgruntled players? KT says 'some of them have seen offers they may have liked' but that's as far as it goes - I'm sure that if they definitely wanted to pursue these offers then it would have probably gone further. It smacks of other clubs trying to get players on the cheap - One or more may well still go but it doesn't seem like a firesale is on the cards.
2  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 12, 2018, 10:19:54 am
The boys did OK. They're not good enough to compete with the SuperPowers at the moment and need a bit of luck to beat the Tier 2 sides, as demonstrated in the win vs Columbia and loss last night. I don't think the personnel are as good as the 2010/2012 versions but I'm much more enthused by this team going forwards (and the decent young players that will start to break through) than the rubbish served up in 2014 and 2016.
3  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: June 28, 2018, 12:38:29 pm
Why are you so pleased that he has gained control of Northampton land that will see no benefit to NTFC Hammy?

Cobblerwatch as it stands today, B is totally correct (as u say)  We have been waiting to see for 10 years

To be fair, KT can hardly be blamed for the 10 years elapsed so far. For me, the clock starts ticking from the time he could feasibly do something - and while there's still (I believe) some legalities to be completed on the East Stand proposed site we're not even there yet. Hopefully (and I do mean hopefully, I don't think I have any entitlement to any instant information) he already has plans and will start sharing them once these legalities are completed. As far as I'm aware that's what he said he would do - we can have some justification to question him if he doesn't.
4  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Ins and Outs - Summer 2018 on: June 12, 2018, 17:26:03 pm
Only two goals tho'.
The last one was pretty instrumental in firing Chris Wilder up for his post-match interview, if I remember correctly.
5  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: June 10, 2018, 18:13:30 pm
I hope all of those people who were accusing KT and his group of being on a land grab or trying to fleece the council are submitting apologies to him directly.
Well, I'm a big KT fan in the absence of anything or anyone better, and hope that his stay at the Cobblers is a long and successful one - but isn't it the truth that he's grabbed some land and gazumped the council already?
6  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: June 09, 2018, 13:08:16 pm
My thinking is now that the land ownership/leases issues have been sorted, we could more easily be sold , which may be best for all parties.
Other than promises for a few boxes which were probably subjected to enabling lands that now appear to extend little further than the 8 lanes of running track, its unlikely we will see anything any time soon.
We need owners willing to talk things up and work with the whole Town  and the supporters of the football club to get things moving, unfortunately KT has been very stand alone and quick to play down the very things that constantly hold back our club, lack of capacity leading to subsequent growth.
Any time soon is not really the issue though, Beds. I don't think anyone can really argue with your idea that to sustain high-end L1 football we should be looking at averaging 9k+ crowds, and to do that requires a 12k+ stadium. I'm happy with baby steps - a more functional ground with boxes/conference facilities but still sub 8k capacity may well be fine for this season - we don't necessarily need new owners for that. Should we (hopefully) get to L1 in the near future then we can see where KT et al go from there.
7  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: L2 Next season. on: June 08, 2018, 20:05:41 pm
Having to visit any League 2 ground next season, as opposed to watching League 1 football, is not a bonus - unless we are storming the league. Grin
If I had to list my Top 5 most enjoyable seasons while supporting the Cobblers I think all 5 would have been when we've been in the 4th tier.
8  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: June 07, 2018, 08:49:57 am
Looks to me like Team KT have something the council wants, the council has the power over vetoing any development so at the moment the football club is the one that's getting shafted the most. There must be a deal to be worked out that benefits KT, Council and NTFC - why doesn't everyone try to go down that path rather than the current impasse where no-one is going to win?
9  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: June 04, 2018, 15:33:35 pm
The club members do not purchase shares, the club retains/holds 51%, the associated voting and overall control in the club's name.
The club members (fans etc..) are given an opportunity to determine which way those 51% of votes are used during pre-vote ballots, ensuring protection of the club from outside investors. 
Gladbach is the fifth largest in the BL with 80,000 members:
An example of cost and benefits to members:

The other 49% of shares are able to be purchased by a consortium or fan investor.
This restricts the popularity of those shares because the club is controlled and not run to make a substantial profit, just sufficient to cover running costs and agreed transfer budgets/improvements etc..

I am not sure of what 'start state' the clubs finances would need to be and how to recover 51% of the existing shares to begin, that maybe an initial prohibiter. 
Thanks for that, Deepcut - very clear. Seems its a non-starter in the UK unless a benevolent purchaser decides to give 51% of the club away immediately after purchasing it.
10  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: June 03, 2018, 18:38:16 pm
I believe that some people are missing the key part of the 51%.  It has to be owned and run by the club, not a consortium, not a community scheme or a fan investor. Or are you talking about another 51% scheme that isn't the German model?
I'm intrigued. my understanding was that the 51% was owned by the club members - so, as long as you are allowed membership then you can purchase shares? Which means that a consortium or fan investor could run the club, as long as existing members approved. Is that how it works in Germany?
11  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: June 02, 2018, 12:38:04 pm
If the land lease matter was so simple as some suggest and that KT is not asking NBC for anything of any value and if KT does control both leases then why have they no plans to show anyone?

Again I am pretty sure that had a deal been done with the Trust / Locals last time we would be in a much better position as a club than we are now. The main reason they didn't get control was that KT rode into town waving his £4m. Silly me I should have said I had £10m stuff down the back of the sofa to invest. Wycombe are Trust owned and just been promoted so you don't need millions, Accrington the same and Burton too.

We could have got the club on a sound footing then looked for investment partners whilst maintaining a controlling share in NTFC

So called self proclaimed intelligent supporters seem to think that KT is great as they spent lots of cash on **** players in January, appointed poor managers, knocked out a loo door and got us relegated,  how dumb can you be?
Wycombe are trust-owned in name only, really. Their version of KT is an ice-cream salesman who is a lot more open to having trust representation than KT seems to be.  They still need him to throw a lot of money at the club to be able to compete as they are.
12  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: The PTS Academy Stadium on: May 29, 2018, 15:01:15 pm
"We are eager for the brand to become more recognisable across Northampton"

Hardly a difficult objective. Well done. anyway.
13  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: May 27, 2018, 19:51:28 pm
soooo....  thats a new one........ 

We will be non-league in 5 years due to NBC !!  Despite having a (iYHO) a fantastic chairman / board who wants to invest millions to NTFC benefit.

You really could not make it up !!!
I get the feeling that Clarky's hypothesis involves the fantastic chairman/board and millions not staying around too long because of NBC. And you can't really argue with him on that one.
14  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: May 26, 2018, 18:08:59 pm
I understand people asking for KT to release the lease details that he would like changed, but we should remember all of this will be tied up in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).  It was telling in his statement that he said that he was happy for the Council to release the details, basically releasing NTFC for the NDA, but unless the council also agree to go public then he can't release a single detail that is covered by the agreement.
I'm doubting this. Why wouldn't KT tell us this if it was true? I don't think he'd pass up another opportunity to put pressure on the Council and make them look like the bad guys.
15  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: May 26, 2018, 09:28:03 am
In what conceivable scenario can you even suggest the council are protecting public money or land 😀😀😀😀
I'm not sure what it is they are trying to protect, but its something. The fact (I think I can call it a fact) is that they drafted a deed of surrender which KT didn't quite like, so he proposed some amendments - The Council didn't like these amendments so didn't agree. So whatever they are protecting, I conclude (rightly or wrongly) must be in these amendments. Anyone know what they are? KT can win me over if I like them - but without any knowledge of what they are I'm staying firmly on the fence.
16  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: May 24, 2018, 14:10:27 pm

Once things were underway CDNL were to pay the council a further £5 million pounds, plus half of anything over £110 million pounds that was realised from the sale of houses and shops once the project was completed.

I don't see what the football club were ever getting out of this deal.
I can see what they'll be getting out of it now, though - a fair amount of land and no promise for £5M plus half of any profit over £110 million to be handed back to the Council. Which would also explain why the council are not keen to transfer everything over to the club.
17  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: May 24, 2018, 09:06:01 am
"after many months of pushing, solicitors instructed by the Council, sent to our solicitors a draft Deed of Surrender. Our solicitors processed this within one working day with minimal change and returned the draft Deed to the Councilís solicitors."
I will remain unconvinced until I know what this "minimal change" is. This is what seems to be the main stumbling block, so is of overall significance. I feel KT still needs to give us the details of this if he wants us to be on his side.

They are referred to in his recent statement as "slightly amended" and "uncontroversial amendments" - can we be the judge of how slight or uncontroversial they are? 
18  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NTFC FOR SALE on: May 23, 2018, 20:47:59 pm
The telling line from NBC statement for me is the bit about retail development.

Hopefully it is now perfectly clear to Hammy and others that KT's main interest was thinking he could do a better job of land development than DC.

Well done the council for acting in the best interests of Northampton, shame many fans on here can't say the same
I'd prefer to wait and see what the piece of land in question is before jumping to any conclusions. It might be an area for a retail park, it might be a small path to allow access to the East Stand. Which side of the equation my sympathies lie would very much depend on knowing this essential piece of information.
19  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Van Bellend on: May 12, 2018, 11:21:58 am
He has the ability to become the star player of L2 next year - if he has the attitude. Should he make these intentions clear then I'd be prepared to give him a chance. But at the moment all the soundbites coming out seem to have made him his own worst enemy as far asa connecting with the fans is concerned.
20  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Next Cobblers Manager on: May 09, 2018, 14:17:12 pm
I seem to remember last time I did one of these I went for Gary Johnson. Maybe I should pass on this one.
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