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February 24, 2024, 15:06:36 pm
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1  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Burton Albion away 24.02.24 on: Today at 14:54:36
Good half town, they remind me of a poor man’s Stevenage, hoof more hoof and set pieces.
Brough and the keeper don’t fill me with confidence.
2  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Burton Albion away 24.02.24 on: Today at 13:38:23
1 Who else do we play there?
2 If he hadn't of played against Brizzle Rovers...
1. Monthe ( obviously AK or Kioki)
2. He’s OKish going forward, terrible at defending.
3  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Burton Albion away 24.02.24 on: Today at 08:44:26
Anybody getting a good feeling about this game?
I have a very bad feeling about this game.
4  General Category / General Chat / Re: War on: Today at 00:03:49
Prince Andrew.
Your boyfriend?
5  General Category / General Chat / Re: Politics on: Today at 00:02:46
Morning Star for the news and Morningstar for the investments.
For Cutns.
6  General Category / General Chat / Re: South Africa on: Today at 00:01:50
Hardly surprising given Israels historic support for SA apartheid government.

And what a wonderful job the ANC has done.
7  General Category / General Chat / South Africa on: Yesterday at 14:38:47
Long overdue…..
These lot really make my pîss boil.
SA and the pernicious ‘genocide’ accusations at the ICJ are a pile of shît.

Let’s look at SA’s reaction to real genocides, many of which took place in, you guessed it, Africa:

Rwanda 1994, 800,000 dead in three months – SA reaction silence

Syrian civil war, hundreds of thousands dead, including their precious palestinians, courtesy of Syrian helicopters dropping barrel bombs on them, plus mustard gas usage – SA reaction silence

Yemen civil war and Saudia Arabia bombing them back to the stone age, mind you that could be an improvement for that flyblown shïthole. Thousands dead or in the grip of disease and famine, according to the aid adverts on tv.
SA reaction silence

Sudan 2003 and ongoing, about 250,000 killed by Arab janjaweed milita in Darfur.
SA reaction – gave refuge to one of the chief perpetrators, not sure who, but some barbaric savage anyway and they refused to hand him over when the ICJ issued an arrest warrant.

So, fûck off South Africa, put your own shïtty house in order, sort out your rampant corruption, daily murders, rapes, robberies etc and get off your high horse, or better still, keep on it and fûck off into the sunset, never to be heard from again.
8  General Category / General Chat / Re: Politics on: Yesterday at 14:34:45
If no one reads it, what have you been whining on about?
No one with a brain, just fcuking wokeys who think they have  an entitlement to everything for nothing.
9  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Armchair supporter? on: Yesterday at 13:57:57
In the Middle East I used to drive past compounds which had four identical houses and four identical cars.
Imagine your birthday though  Grin
10  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Burton Albion away 24.02.24 on: Yesterday at 13:53:39
You repeat things more than Sky!
You repeat things more than Sky!

You only need to give your amateur opinion once.
You seem a bit dull so I repeat it a few times just for you. Kiss
11  General Category / General Chat / Re: War on: Yesterday at 13:51:56
Yes, I can see it's influence everywhere. I just can't cite one example where someone has been influenced by us. Never mind. We could exert influence with our military might. A nuclear deterrent that flops into the sea as soon as it leaves the sub. Or our latest aircraft carrier, with no planes. Or in fact any part of our under resourced and cash starved armed forces and public sector. I'd imagine they're all waiting on our every command. 
You mean the UK armed forces that have just sent 30,000 troops to NATO exercises, you’re a bit out of your depth here so I have put a link in so you can educate yourself.,defence%20(£32.4%20billion).
Yet another sheep who regurgitates sound bites from the BBC.
12  General Category / General Chat / Re: Politics on: Yesterday at 13:43:08
What's the circulation of those compared to the Mail, Sun, Express etc?  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Exactly Marvo, no one wants to read that bitter bollôx.
13  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Burton Albion away 24.02.24 on: Yesterday at 13:41:26
Only a 8 game history at Burton with 3 wins for each team and 2 draws. Burton's form has improved since they changed manager and they have taken 10 points from their last 5 games and 17 from their last 10. In 15 home games they have won 6, drawn 4 and lost 5 scoring 16 and conceding 15, only 3 teams have scored fewer home goals but only 2 have conceded less and overall they have conceded 9 goals fewer than us. In the 15 home games they have scored more than once only 4 times and have failed to score 5 times, but they have conceded more than once only 3 times and have kept 4 clean sheets.

Burton are among the divisions lowest scorers and their top scorers are Beryly Lubala our former loanee with 5 and he moved to Wycombe in the transfer window, Mark Helm has 4 as does another of our former loanees Joe Powell and we will need to watch his free kicks close to goal.

Referee is Tom Reeves who in 26 games has issued 83 yellows, 4 reds and awarded 8 penalties, we previously had him in September for our 0-1 home loss to Wycombe.

As we know their pitch is in poor condition and with the rain this week is likely to cut up which could turn the game into a battle which may dictate our team selection and they are also known as a physical side. Judging by their home record you could expect a low scoring game but we are currently finding the net even when not at our best like Tuesday night. I would like to see McWilliams start, maybe instead of Fox, as this could be his type of game and Sowerby should also return to the squad. Hoskins may have to make do with a place on the bench unless JB thinks we need freshening up in atttack. Stop giving away the poor goals we have been conceding recently and we could bring back the 3 points.
14  General Category / General Chat / Re: Politics on: Yesterday at 09:54:37
…. agreed, the mail and express are vile news (sic) outlets, with objectives from their owners who contribute nothing and have no concern for the well being of our country.
Equally with the mainstream left wing press like the Guardian and the not so Independent, not to mention Socialist Worker and other forms of toilet paper.
There is no independent media FACT.
15  General Category / General Chat / Re: War on: Yesterday at 09:52:20
Oh. I thought I said influence. Not aid.

The UK brings powerful economic and political tools to our development partnerships: aid, diplomacy, trade, investment, expertise and influence. Taken from
If you give billions in aid of course you have influence, don’t give up your day job  Grin
16  General Category / General Chat / Re: War on: Yesterday at 07:31:21
On the whole I stay out of this and certainly any MEANINGFUL (No such thing) political debate. But I will say one thing. In terms of both foreign policy, and certainly foreign influence, we have none. Absolutely none. Any historical clout we had, has long since died. The machinations that you hear emanating from the political/royal classes, are in no way an attempt to influence anything past our own shores. They are merely an attempt to placate or bolster the views of the party members. Or to be in tune with those who will either vote them in, or indeed, out. 
What none sense, we still have significant influence in the world, just ask the Ukrainians or the Houthi’s or anyone that gets the $15.8billion in overseas aid, Afghanistan, Syria, ****stan etc.
17  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Free Agents and Loans on: February 22, 2024, 22:50:30 pm
Wonder if Jordy Hiwula was the ooc striker ntfclad was on about us looking at a couple of weeks ago...

He's just signed for Morecambe if so.

Not sure it's worth us getting anyone else in now anyway as injuries are hopefully starting to clear up & only another 7 points needed...

Appere needs a massive upturn in form if he's to get another deal imo
He’s too slow for a striker, both physically and in thought.
18  General Category / General Chat / Re: War on: February 22, 2024, 19:44:28 pm
As far as I'm concerned I don't give a flying fúck about what is happening in Gaza and I get píssed off when parliamentary time is wasted on the subject. Our country is being invaded, double standard policing allows grooming gangs to roam free in our cities and our culture is being usurped by an extremist religion, these are the things that need sorting out by the MPs not something that they cannot have any influence on.
19  General Category / General Chat / Re: War on: February 22, 2024, 18:41:47 pm
So I’m left with a number of genuine questions on this thread:
Number 1) is for Manny. Number 2) for anyone.

1) Apparently WW3 is going to be caused by wokeness. So does that mean Putin, Kim Jon, President Xi, Hamas and Trump are woke? Or is it Gary Lineker and  Carol Vordaman that are the likeliest war starters?
2) SNP are pushing for a cease fire while condemning Israel’s actions but the press don’t call them antisemitic. But if Starmer agrees with this he gets  called antisemitic by our fair and balanced uk press? Why?

Just when you think you are beginning to understand how the right wing snowflakes are defining the word “woke” then you get confused again when wokeness is blamed for world wars! And I thought I was beginning to understand that to some anti-Israel means antisemitism but why would whether you are Scottish effect things?
This could be me though - Manny (and others) here’s your chance to help a confused old lefty!
Hello Jim, wokeness is wholly responsible for the mess this world is in, people are terrified of being called far right or racist to tell the truth about what is happening, one fact is our press be it written or broadcast is anything but independent and balanced. FACT.
20  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Worse loan players 11 on: February 22, 2024, 18:37:52 pm
1) Jonathan Mitchell

No more needs to be said Dan. Grin
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