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July 19, 2018, 08:51:26 am
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1  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Checkatrade Trophy Draw 2018/19 on: Yesterday at 15:31:14
I'll be going to all the games if they cut ticket prices like last season.

Given that opinions are sacrosanct on here the last post on here displays the right attitude. Why waste your time and readers to moan about the Checkatrade trophy. As Admin said last year whatís the point of coming on the forum to moan about the Trophy; if people want to go and watch the games let them.
2  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 16, 2018, 09:43:32 am
Hang about, I thought that it was 2-3 Scottish guys putting the 'biased' boot into England, now it's Souness the sole-voice and Gray being bored and refusing to engage? And I thought the 'German guy' 'tore' Souness 'apart', now he 'defused the situation'? Can you defuse a situation by 'tearing' someone apart? What 'situation' needed 'defusing'? Are there two separate videos and I've only seen one of them? Grin

Do you think if the 'German guy' had not been on ex-Spurs player and very recent (and possibly present) coach at said club also but a German who had not played for Spurs would his opinion have been more balanced and realistic?

Right, now I'm off to blow-dry my !

Who mentioned Ďtoreí  as it was Ďslowly taken apartí. Big difference . Who mentioned bias? The unfortunate German guy is now an Ďagent provocateurí you are making it up as you go along! Please have the last word ĎFrankí ? as we are in danger of boring any readers stiff.
3  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 15, 2018, 22:32:59 pm
You sure like to back-track/shift-the-goal-posts/take-discussion-points-out-context!  Wink

Earlier in the thread I pointed out that Croatia outclassed England overall and you took exception to it. Now regarding choosing to speak about or not choosing to speak about this issue you bring IQ into the equation! I thought the 'foreign' guy 'took Souness and his opinions apart'? How did he do this if on the other hand Gray had the IQ to basically ignore Souness' blatantly-obvious-to-everyone and not-in-debate points? Can such obvious opinions be 'ripped apart'? Grin

I am not making fun of you but you do take yourself very seriously which I suppose we are all guilty of from time to time. I still dont think Croatia outclassed us at least not in the way France did to them today. I only watched the 2nd half and they(Cr) looked like conceding every time France attacked. France were generally very direct when the  opportunity arose. I dont think Croatia were direct enough so enabling France to defend quite well/easily. I still think Croatia got to the final more via our failure to put away two decent chances one of which Kane failed to do.
No fancy talk and convoluted opinion in defence of Classy Croatia should change that. I look forward to your comments on Cobblers games this coming season with a mixture of forefoding and anticipation.
4  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Who has and who hasnít travelled to Spain? on: July 15, 2018, 22:18:19 pm
Van Veen and Bowditch both in latest gallery

Oh to be a fly on the wall watching vV bonding!
5  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 15, 2018, 19:18:28 pm
It's not even a dissenting opinion though. It's essentially agreeing while also being annoyed it's mentioned by someone you perceive as bias against England.

Sorry not quite sure what you are saying. Essentially my opinion is that Souness hung his hat quite correctly on a relatively weak English midfield. But he would not let go he made his point and wanted it to be the main discussion. Gray at best was bored and the German guy actually defused the situation. I suppose if it had been Strachan it might have been more balanced and realistic
6  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NEWS: Cobblers sign Peterborough striker Junior Morias for undisclosed fee on: July 15, 2018, 14:42:20 pm
Well said, I absolutely agree with that.

Holy Moses itís boring in West Wycombe
7  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: Former Cobblers on the move. on: July 15, 2018, 14:08:01 pm
According to Cobbler diehards

8  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: Harry's story. on: July 15, 2018, 14:04:52 pm
link would be useful

9  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Who has and who hasnít travelled to Spain? on: July 15, 2018, 13:56:53 pm
Two Crooks? That'll spoil the broth.

Too many Cooks!
10  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 15, 2018, 13:26:24 pm
What's being Scottish got to do with it?

Only 2 were Scottish, and Gray offered little opinion during the video, so just Souness. Paul Robinson is English and didn't disagree with Souness, while the presenter, Keys (English) didn't either.

The foreign guy you mention is German, Stefan Freund. Ex-Spurs player and was their assistant manager until very recently and may still be a technical director, wiki doesn't make it clear. There were 5 Spurs players on the pitch come end of the match, and one ex-Spurs. He likely coached all these so will of course likely stick up for them. I disagree that Souness was 'slowly taken apart' by Freund, his arguments were pretty feeble e.g. 'Come on, they all play for top clubs!'

Nothing - itís a red herring!With Gray he merely refused to be drawn on Souness POV , refer to it by all means ; talk about the obvious! As you may know Souness is generally an argumentative s%d, concentrating on the obvious and making it an issue - Wow! no wonder Gray had the iq to basically ignore it.
11  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 15, 2018, 13:16:22 pm
I don't really understand - you agree that his point was obvious but also think he has an axe to grind? If pundits aren't allowed to say anything other than 'THE LADS DONE GOOD' then why bother having them on there.

Not quite sure what you donít understand? Itís my opinion thatís all. You have to know Souness background and I still think he has an axe to grind! I know, you know and certainly Clarence knows that our midfield was lacking. To belabour the point is hardly even debatable! Reference to Scottish is a bit of a red herring but I guess it went over yr head!
12  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 14, 2018, 22:59:51 pm
What part do you actually disagree with Souness over? His point was England didn't have a central midfielder that can retain possession well, and you need that to do well in the final stages. I don't see what being Scottish has anything to do with it.

Souness was saying the obvious we know that the midfield was deficient - the foreign guy told him so and after near argument reined him in.
IMO not sure you would get fair/reasonable comment from Souness(Scottish) who appeared to have an axe to grind.  Being Scottish of course had nothing to do with it;or did it for you?
13  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NEWS: Cobblers sign Peterborough striker Junior Morias for undisclosed fee on: July 14, 2018, 22:41:12 pm

It woukd help if Mathy boy stuck to names particularly on the lesser known players. Thanks for asking all the same.
14  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NEWS: Cobblers sign Peterborough striker Junior Morias for undisclosed fee on: July 14, 2018, 18:12:49 pm

Is it necessary to be posting all this? You seem to be connected to the club or have someone feeding you this information.

I did ask him about Lord Crooks!
15  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 14, 2018, 10:24:08 am
Better informed viewpoints, such as? The English media? They're mostly following a party line, possibly because the tournament's in Russia and with the political situation they want to be overly positive. The commentator on ITV was nauseating during England games for example. The commentary never used to be as biased as it is now.

Here's one well-informed viewpoint which is a good general overview:

Oh, and I've been quite positive about Cobblers chances this season, certainly more than some, as you can tell by looking at my posts!

Well if thatís your idea of informed view by 2 or 3  Scottish Pundits then God help us !  Souness ok to begin with but was slowly taken apart by the foreign guy who reined him in.  You did well to locate that judgement panel - which TV group/station was that.
16  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NEWS: Cobblers sign Peterborough striker Junior Morias for undisclosed fee on: July 13, 2018, 23:21:19 pm
VV is going. BW isn't.

Who is BW? What about Crooks?

ps surely not Billy Waters what ever next
17  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: NEWS: Cobblers sign Peterborough striker Junior Morias for undisclosed fee on: July 13, 2018, 20:52:49 pm
Ive got over England limping out of the semi ( oh er missus) but our recent relegation and being a bit poved out back in L2 still sits very uneasy with me, so happy with this signing as Ive booked for Carlisle and really dont want to see a phil chard esq assembly trotting out for a long hard season.
Feeling a little more possitive of a play off spot.
We need to keep hold of Matt Crooks as he will have a big season Imo.

Spot on - have they signed Morias to help with linguistic problems in Spain? Along with some on here I hope that that vV will come good .
Hope vV goes to Spain as he could do with a bit of bonding!
18  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 13, 2018, 15:49:32 pm
Really? Quick list:

Was sleeping against Colombia during the 'two-balls-on-pitch' incident, where there wasn't two balls on the pitch and was very lucky (to say the least) the ref pulled back play otherwise Colombia would have been in. Schoolboy lack of concentration.

Totally lost Mina in the box at a corner in ET, resorted to using both hands to shove him slightly off balance as he tried to head the ball. Ref right on the spot, was probably the 1/10 times a ref wouldn't give a penalty.

Lost/was totally out-jumped by Mina for the Colombian equaliser, effectively only 10 minutes or so before the second error mentioned above. Funny how you attribute blame to Trippier, when I would suggest Maguire was much more at fault.

Began to lose Mandzukic in the semi-final at the end of 1st half. Put arm over his shoulder to hold him back, should have been a penalty.

Almost lost his temper against Panama, squaring up forehead-to-forehead with their defender even though England were already winning comfortably, could have easily been an unnecessary card which could have eventually led to a suspension.

These serious errors quickly come to mind, all bar one he was very fortunate to get away without costing a goal.

Hence my opinion that he is an accident waiting to happen. If that makes me a 'twonk' then so be it!

We are but armchair critics and your forthright views often grates against better informed view points - that is those who were there including reporters.. You have made your point so it might be a good idea to simpy ignore your critics and do as you say concentrate on the Cobblers.... mind you God help us Cool
19  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: July 13, 2018, 13:30:35 pm
Again please exercise caution when commenting on this issue. Live police investigation still ongoing. Speculation more likely to cause more harm than good. Don't give anyone potentially charged an opportunity to say they will not get a fair trial because of accusations on social media. The QC is doing a good job in the civil case of uncovering detail and the police will want a result.

Perhaps Admin can use their discretion on this issue and remove/caution those posts which might cause issues - in their judgement.
20  The Hotel End / Other Football & Sport / Re: It's coming home on: July 13, 2018, 13:17:54 pm

The twonk who rates Maguire as deficient and an accident waiting to happen must have been watching a different player to me..................................................................

 Grin  - You have a way of putting things in perspective. More please.
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