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August 16, 2022, 20:20:33 pm
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1  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Redevelopment Closer Than Ever? on: August 06, 2022, 21:08:50 pm
Iíd explore a ground share with The Saints. 15,000 Stadium, 1 miles apart, excellent hospitality, fan park and food and drink infrastructure already in place.

Itíll require a fair bit of fixture planning and there would have to be significant investment in the pitch to allow rugby and football to be played every week.

As Cobblers fans weíd have to look beyond the black, green and gold branding but I just donít understand why this isnít on the table.

Disregarding any arrangement, anyone that has stepped into Franklins Gardens must realise it would be the perfect stadium for The Cobblers
2  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Grimsby Game on: August 06, 2022, 20:45:18 pm
Quote from Marvo:
Of all the comments made by fans I always think this is the most ridiculous. Hatred?

Itís ironic that a post condemning extreme emotion should start with such an extreme comment - ďmost ridiculousĒ?
3  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: The Rise of Sam Hoskins on: July 31, 2022, 17:19:14 pm
WellÖ. If youíre reading Sam, youíve seen the science behind it all. Youíre quite simply short and unliked. Iím afraid Iím not sure what constructive advice to give you on this one..

I'm not sure what reason he would be looking to you for anything.
4  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: The Rise of Sam Hoskins on: July 31, 2022, 16:31:44 pm
It is interesting that a loyal player such as Hoskins doesn't get the popularity that other Cobblers have enjoyed in the past. People argue that he's inconsistent, well, all players from Messi down are inconsistent, it comes with the territory.
I would suggest that the reason is that for whatever reason people simply do not like Hoskins. There's no other way to put it, they dont like him as a person. This accounts for why they would pick up on the faults, rather than enjoy the achievements.
To give an opposite example, JJOT was a cult hero at the club and let's be honest here, consistency was not his friend. People loved him, giving him his own song and special day. Mind you we all know what happened there.
Perhaps the Hoskins lovers should rise up and embrace the little imp. We need a talisman for the season and he's togged up ready to fill that role
5  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: The 'Clare Balding' POTS Colchester (h) 30th July 2022 on: July 30, 2022, 21:55:44 pm
6  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Cheltnum away, final PSF 23/07/22 on: July 23, 2022, 22:18:25 pm
Seeing Hoskins in the starting line up depresses me, itís like we canít move on.

What is this hatred to Hoskins?
Give it a rest.
7  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: New Kit on: July 23, 2022, 18:50:00 pm

 Grin Exactly
8  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Cheltnum away, final PSF 23/07/22 on: July 23, 2022, 18:47:33 pm
I just never understand playing players out of position - especially when we have six centre-backs and Dyche is just sitting there on the bench. Alternatively, play a formation where everyone will be in their position.

I have every faith in Jon and Colin, but every now and then they'll just do a random player selection out of nowhere that just baffles me.

Aren't friendlies also to give players game time? The result really doesn't matter.
9  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 17, 2022, 17:32:55 pm
The section of the crowd sat in the main stand (more of a big hut). Everyone else was stood silently anyway.

Do you have a problem with this ? I detect scepticism.

Well youíve got to admit it would be a bit strange for members of your own family to taunt you when playing a game.
10  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 17, 2022, 16:12:49 pm
I was surprised too but put it down to the "youth of today".

They didn't stand for the minute's silence in memory of Max Griggs either.


Ah, do you mean then a section of the crowd?
11  General Category / General Chat / Re: Politics on: July 17, 2022, 16:02:04 pm
Not ditching the NHS, but on the flip side you can get a scan for anything here in about 48 hours. Donít wait longer than a couple of weeks for an op. Half an hour wait or less in A&E where they have a separate department for kids. For a family of 5 it costs me 2 and a half grand Stirling a year all up, but you donít pay National Insurance and tax is slightly less. Thereís payment support for those struggling financially. Whatever your thoughts on the NHS I donít think thatís too bad? On the downside donít come here on a good wage and fail to get medical insurance. If you have to go into hospital you will get properly nailed for it financially.

What happens if you have a long term illness that requires you to be in hospital for many months or really complicated surgery that will take a full team hours to perform?
12  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 17, 2022, 15:52:59 pm
Judging by the comments emanating from his school friends, family (?) and other acquaintances who were watching him in the preseason friendly against R&D either at the beginning of last season or a previous one he'd never live it down. Every time he made a mistake or ran into trouble and lost the ball they delighted in laughing out loud and shouting "sign the contract man" as a sort of reference to his true level. I was sat behind them.

Friends and family? Who needs enemies if that's true.
13  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 17, 2022, 15:51:19 pm
I can't see anything that would suggest we would get a cut of the future transfer value of a player who moved in this way.

From what I can make out we would have got (had he moved under the EPPP system) £3000 per year that he spent in our academy.

We should have also received £150,000 as he has played 10 games in the Premier League for Villa..... it would be £300k if he made 20, £450k for 30 etc etc..... unfortunately he has made just 12 PL appearances.

Lets not forget that he left us when he was 12, and that was over six years ago. Villa have developed him into the player he is now, so if they make money from his sale to Barcelona or PSG then fair play to them.

£150,000 is a tidy sum and realistically as much as we should expect. "Only" 12 prem appearances is pretty decent considering how many fall by the wayside.
It would be a nice touch if all the preceding clubs got a percentage up to a certain age. I would imagine whatever local youth team club he left for the Cobblers would love just a tiny bit of the deal, after all they nurtured his raw talent, presumably from about 7 or 8 years old sufficiently to attract the Cobblers interest. It would at least acknowledge their part in his development.
14  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: New Kit on: July 17, 2022, 15:07:36 pm
I dont mind the pink kit but it shouldn't be available in any size above L. Those above that size should understand that no-one wants to see that much dayglo pink.
15  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 17, 2022, 15:03:06 pm
In an attempt to show I am more that a bickering poster shown above it seems as if the Carney Chukwuemeka transfer to Barcelona is likely to happen with a fee of £20 million. He left our academy at just 12 years old to join Villa but do we get any sort of percentage of a deal? Just 1% would go along way towards filling the gaps in our squad.

On another note, his brother Caleb who is seems was signed by Villa to placate Carney is still stuck at Livingston which I'm sure is a lovely town but perhaps not the dream location for a 20 year old footballer. Perhaps he could be enticed back to us on loan, he would be a great addition to our squad.
16  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 17, 2022, 14:48:22 pm
Good for you

You are welcome.
17  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 16, 2022, 19:01:33 pm

None the wiser but a friend at the game said you tend to be bit of a smart Alec! Is this true?

18  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 13, 2022, 21:58:25 pm
Any chance what you mean please?

Count Arthur Strong style
19  The Hotel End / Cobblers Corner / Re: Summer Transfer window on: July 13, 2022, 14:06:02 pm
Rocket Man comes to mind Cool

Pure Defender post
20  General Category / General Chat / Re: Politics on: July 12, 2022, 21:33:31 pm
We could do with a new party drawn from the best of both parties. Perhaps call it Centre Forward?

Gang of Four anyone?
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