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October 23, 2014, 06:48:25 am
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 on: Today at 06:36:14 
Started by Deepcut Cobbler - Last post by Alan Partridge
Just watched the goals from the last three "performances". Fair play to both Blyth and Marquis, they both played down any celebrations.

This always winds me up! I would rather they celebrate than all this respect to your former employers bollox. If it was one of our players who scored against a former team and he didn't celebrate I wouldn't be happy. I just think it's disrespectful to your current team and fans not to celebrate with them.

 on: Today at 02:00:51 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by Marvo
in fact if I had been picking the squad close season, a replacement for Duke would have been a priority. Its about opinions,

Me too.

He's no Bunn or Nichols.

 on: Today at 00:46:10 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by j20cobbler
No. Just a response to you calling me an idiot. Checking your previous 10 posts, you had done similar to 3 other posters. So no offence caused. Not that there would have been anyway of course.

By the way, in your opinion can you explain why Alfei is perhaps being picked? Without simply saying its Wilders decision. Because I am struggling to understand how anybody could justify his selection for 'footballing reasons'!
I'll try. I agree with you that Alfie is poor, and that's probably made worse because in my mind Tozer is not just a little better but a much better player. Conversely, with your other pet hate Archer, I dont think he is anywhere near as bad as you do or at fault so often, and I dont agree that Duke is miles better, in fact if I had been picking the squad close season, a replacement for Duke would have been a priority. Its about opinions,

 on: Today at 00:27:09 
Started by The 12th Marquis of Sixfields - Last post by j20cobbler
I've seen a few worse between the sticks at sixfields.
He's a young inexperienced keeper who has a shambles of a defence in front of him.

Had we the young Gordon Banks in goal this month, he too would have been seriously exposed.

Agreed, Those in front of him are more the problem.

 on: Today at 00:20:05 
Started by tuks - Last post by j20cobbler
and now how are we going to prevent us being splattered.

Given that according to Wilder, Langmead is nowhere near ready...

Duke; D'Ath, Tozer, Cresswell, Robertson, Stevens; Ravenhill, Carter, Byrom; Mohamed, Nicholls / Sinclair

Duke by now must be okay to play, in which case Archer has to go back to the bench.  Defensively - I am not keen on Robertson as a centre back in a pair.  Assuming Collins, Langmead and Diamond are not fit then we could go to a three with Tozer on the right side.   Right wing back - we do not really have anyone as Alfei is not an option!  I think we could get away with d'Ath with his work rate.   Stevens at LWB is fine as he seems to have some attacking sense in him.

Central midfield picks itself as none of the above are JJOT.   Up front - Toney needs a rest.   We need a bit of pace as my game plan involves out pacing - the Akinfenwa proportioned Steve McNulty.   I think that Carter and Byrom could provide the killer pass/

Given what's available that looks good to me, although if asked I'm certain Langmead would declare himself fit and that would be good enough for me, and I would play Toney tired or not.

 on: Today at 00:14:21 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by j20cobbler
First and Third goal would not have been conceded by Duke.... 
Last night..? Explain please, that baffles me.
Replace Archer with Cresswell and I think your argument may stand up.

 on: Today at 00:08:19 
Started by tuks - Last post by dolph
I got a spare ticket if anyone wants it, face value.
PM me

 on: Yesterday at 23:54:45 
Started by Deepcut Cobbler - Last post by j20cobbler
Cresswell on three years worries me. There's no way he's a league one defender. He might be big and strong in the air, but against quick mobile strikers he's a liability. He was at fault with the first moving away from the ball rather than towards the first man, schoolboy stuff, and was also far to easily beaten for the third. Archer was not at fault, he took up the only position he could, on the post, and probably got closer to it than Duke would have, given his better athleticism.
We need a back four of Tozer Langmead Collins (when fit) and Stevens/Horwood, with Diamond (when fit) and Robertson on the bench. I'd send Cresswell (along with Alfei) back. Oh no, I forgot already, we can't.

 on: Yesterday at 23:34:22 
Started by Deepcut Cobbler - Last post by Razor
It has transpired that Oxford had a sickness bug sweeping through the squad before and throughout the game.

We didn't just lose to a struggling team we were trounced by a struggling team with the sh*ts!

 on: Yesterday at 23:13:11 
Started by Deepcut Cobbler - Last post by WasRambo
Just watched the goals from the last three "performances". Fair play to both Blyth and Marquis, they both played down any celebrations.

Let's hope we don't come up against any other ex-loanee strikers this season. That said, if we do, I'll be having a tenner on they score against us...

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