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December 18, 2018, 16:44:43 pm
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 on: Today at 16:27:39 
Started by singcobb - Last post by cox23jam
Rotherham v West Brom 0-2
Stoke v Millwall 1-0

League One
Luton v Burton 2-1
Pompy v Sunderland 1-1

League Two
Bury v Tranmere 1-1
Yeovil v Cobbs 0-2

National League North
York v Brackley 2-1

National League South
Hampton & R v Torquay 0-1

Premier League
Palace v Cardiff 2-1
Spurs v Bournemouth 0-0

Leeds v Blackburn 3-1
QPR v Ipswich 1-0

League One
Wimbledon v Plymouth 1-1
Rochdale v Blackpool 1-0

League Two
Mansfield v Bury 2-0
Cobbs v Swindon 1-0

Premier League
Fulham v Hudders 1-0
Watford v Newcastle 1-1

Norwich v Derby 1-2
Swansea v Wigan 3-0

League One
Gillingham v Donny 0-1
Walsall v Luton 1-2

League Two
Crewe v Stevenage 1-1
Cobbs v Donkeys 3-2

Hull v Bolton 1-2
Stoke v Bristol 0-1

League One
Bradford v Accrington 1-1
Charlton v Walsall 3-0

League Two
Bury v Crewe 2-0
FGR v Cobbs 1-1

National League North
Leamington v Brackley 0-2

National League South
Truro v Torquay 1-2

 on: Today at 16:23:20 
Started by singcobb - Last post by cox23jam
22nd December, Yeovil(A) 2411

26th December, Swindon(H) 4862

29th December, Plastics(H) 5401

1st January, Forest Green(A) 2674

 on: Today at 15:59:48 
Started by Shadowstorm - Last post by Gen.Disorda
Smith was bang average when he left and seems to have gone downhill since, could be good but I think he would be an expensive risk.

We really are obsessed with bringing back ex-players.

 on: Today at 15:53:50 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by BedsCobb
You keep quoting unsubstantiated figures (you did it again) that could be correct or nowhere near.  If you believed what you continue to say and I was in your position, I would go for it, because it would be like printing money wouldn't it?  You've said that, so it must be.

Hopefully you weren't attributing "the usual old die hard fans of different chairman spouting off" to me because you know that that particular cap doesn't fit.
I don't particularly have a preference who the Chairman is, unless the Arab money men suddenly take an interest.  If the current Chairman is making money out of us, isn't that what you are advocating in a round about way?  They don't do it for the love of the club.
I would like our club to be in a better position both on and off the field but in the absence of any alternative within my influence, I am resigned to turning up and supporting the club within my financial and commitment limitations.
If I wasn't, I would have walked away from the club a long while before now and started following a club a lot closer than NTFC.
If you had committed as much time towards improving the club as you do on here spouting into thin air about it, we could have been in the Premier League by now.

And You were doing so well until you threw out the old Arab sheikh line. We dont need such to survive and compete in the 3rd tier of English football,  and that's what a lot of our fan base are blinded by, We have enough at our disposal to gradgradually improve ntfc by 50% across all aspects of the club to allow us to take the step up.
This cant happen when land deals and leases are up for grabs by speculators.
I would be happy for them to make a fortune and look after the club in return, but the lack of any cohesive plans, drawings or the non invitation of our town and catchment these past 3.5 years to get involved with such plans , will tell you that we wont be getting anything worthwhile from these latest lot.

 on: Today at 15:22:37 
Started by Shadowstorm - Last post by Teachers Pet
Hence me using the word 'seemingly'!

 "Coddington seemingly can't even cut it at Guiseley"

Nothing about his Cobblers career, or lack of it.

I was giving a reason why he may have struggled there compared with his time at Wrexham.

 on: Today at 15:04:49 
Started by Shadowstorm - Last post by Coolcat
Guiseley were bottom of the league conceding goals left, right and centre. But when he was at Wrexham he did well, and was liked by the supporters. He has only played 1 league game for us, so nobody really knows how good he is.

I was watching the pre-match warm-up on Saturday and some of the saves he was making were outstanding, Morias even stood and clapped after he tipped over one of his efforts.
Hence me using the word 'seemingly'!

 on: Today at 15:03:30 
Started by Shadowstorm - Last post by barton cobbler
I have seen a lot of Smith's games and can assure you that he is not significantly better than Cornell; in fact if at all. The only 'keeper better than Cornell(& Smith) was ROD who deserted us for a failing L1 team. I still vividly remember Smith's performance against Man U - do you?
I think that Smith made the EFL team of the season, Cornell has about 15 better keepers than him in League 2. Smith was poor against Man Utd but do you remember the Orient game ? Cornell had payed 22 matches for NTFC before this season and in most of them he wasn't very inspiring, he has done better this season but is still prone to a few mistakes in most games, some he gets away with some he don't.
   Evers, I can assure you Smith IS significantly better than Cornell !

 on: Today at 14:41:47 
Started by Shadowstorm - Last post by Glastonbury Cobbler
I have seen a lot of Smith's games and can assure you that he is not significantly better than Cornell; in fact if at all. The only 'keeper better than Cornell(& Smith) was ROD who deserted us for a failing L1 team. I still vividly remember Smith's performance against Man U - do you?

Well that's your opinion nevers, which I respect but do not agree with. As I said imo smith is a far more complete compatability keeper than Dai. I suspect another lg1 club may sign him if he does leave rovers, which is on no way certain given the fact they are manager less.

 on: Today at 14:40:20 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by exiledinspace
What are the latest accounts for the club?

It would be a good start to know how much the club is leaking, and by how much Kt's crew are propping it up.

You never know, mortgaging Hamsters house might just cover the first year, then your off!

Some of you clever business pros here could easily raise heaps of cash for the club, if owned by you!

Your club needs You

 on: Today at 14:39:11 
Started by Deepcut Cobbler - Last post by GrangeParkCobbler
Next two home games should see a sizeable increase in attendance. Swindon on Boxing Day may see an extra 600-700 home fans plus 800-900 away so a near 6,000 gate which should then increase further towards the 6,500 mark against MK.

Hopefully so!

Noticable we haven't had 5000 home fans for any game yet this season, we reached that mark 11 times last season and 15 times the season before (out of 23 league games)

Got to hold on to those extra the two home games against Carlisle and Morecambe in January don't look to be big crowd pullers.

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