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August 05, 2015, 13:25:08 pm
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 on: Today at 13:17:05 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by tcobb
That's good news Barton. Any chance the fans can see the questions that are being asked and what type of reply the trust  is getting. Would be nice to see so the fans can work together rather than keeping them secret.

 on: Today at 13:07:46 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by barton cobbler
Personally I was hopeful that The Trust was going to take up the cause after the positive statement they made. But so far no follow up from them at all, which is a shame as they could have got the fans behind them.
The Trust have been asking questions with Gareth Wilshire and CE James Whiting, but there is only one person who knows all the answers. We are open to any suggestions on any way forward from this situation.

 on: Today at 12:58:45 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by Deepcut Cobbler
I don't say that I disagree with what you are/or not doing and your ultimate aim, it's the methods you choose that I am adverse/disagree with.
You have been careful not to state that he has done anything illegal but have skirted around it by leading the perception using thoughts that you justify without factual evidence or context, only amateur interpretation.
There is a lot of 'stuff' reproduced that none of us know for sure what it all means but to us who do not pretend to understand, the one sided 'evidence' is damning.  I agree, from what has been revealed by the amateur sleuths on here, it doesn't 'look good' and the recent inclusion of the possible false representation of buyers at meetings is so surreal it could even be true, although I so hope it is not.
There are some good contributions to the debate with measured interpretations on both 'sides' but yours have a trend to be more off the cuff and remind me of a young Dennis the Menace thinking up his next caper without aforethought, of which this is a prime example.  As I said, I have been told that you are a middle aged businessman, unfortunately my perception of you on here doesn't validate that.
My opinion?  I am concerned and read all posts, but I am genuinely of a sanguine nature and have been in situations that have been of more concern than this issue that appears to have taken over your life.  I applaud those that have taken the measured approach, raised the issue as a concern through postings (although the repetition and bullying is irritating) and contributing to the Q&A that has, regrettably, been ignored and hope that all is resolved satisfactorily and I/we have a football club to watch and support.  If there has been any illegal wrong doing, then the perpetrators should be caught and punished appropriately but we have to let it take it's course with measured pressure.  Arranging a personal one to one meeting with DC maybe an option. The lack of a public investigation/intervention by NBC/Chronic/etc. could be an indication of their concerns/thoughts unless that activity is occurring out of the public gaze.
All I/we want is DC and the club to resolve this completely to our satisfaction and let us once again concentrate on the thing that matters, results on the pitch with a club that still exists.  I just choose not to repeatedly state this on a daily/hourly basis.

 on: Today at 12:43:11 
Started by JamieNTFC - Last post by St Edmundsbury Cobbler
a nice, sensible evening in Bristol.

👃 👃 👃 👈 👈 👈

 on: Today at 12:42:27 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by tcobb
Personally I was hopeful that The Trust was going to take up the cause after the positive statement they made. But so far no follow up from them at all, which is a shame as they could have got the fans behind them.

 on: Today at 12:22:40 
Started by JamieNTFC - Last post by Poggy
Probably best to avoid The Bulldog pub for anyone coming via the Filton Avenue route. Very unpleasant boozer.

We'll be drinking on the Gloucester Road pre-match (preferably somewhere showing the cricket) and then on to some King Street bars in the evening.

I played cricket the other week next to an estate pub aptly named The Jolly Cobbler however that's over the side of the city. And after previous experiences, I'm a bit dubious about pubs that have Jolly in their names.

 on: Today at 11:58:23 
Started by JamieNTFC - Last post by j20cobbler
Decision day today! a 30 min walk for a man of my fitness is no problem. Especially if there's a couple of pubs next to Parkway station. Not too bothered about going into the city as I'm staying in Bristol over Bank Holiday.

I think you might want to allow more time if your walking from Bristol Parkway. I think it's about 3miles and you wouldn't want to miss KO!

 on: Today at 11:43:25 
Started by GrangeParkCobbler - Last post by sxcobbler
Well Done COX & COBOZ

Good Work GPC

 on: Today at 11:35:26 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by DrillingCobbler
Go and knock on his door and have a one to one chat with him...I/we would be interested in your report.

DC likes his one to one chats. He doesn't/wouldn't like it if its a 500 to one one though...

Anyway, the police would be called, I would get arrested.

Im 'brave' enough to say who I am. I have also NEVER stated that I believe he has done anything illegal. Just relayed my thoughts and justified those thoughts.

I would also be prepared to have my name used as the person instigating any 'controlled peaceful' demonstration/unified approach.

If that isn't enough for you then fair enough. Trying to publicly belittle what I am suggesting is a manipulative way of saying that you disagree with it, which you clearly do. You have previously stated that you have opinions but are not prepared to say what they are. Most people (the vast majority) want an easy life and one that doesn't put their head on the chopping board. This club means an awful lot to me and it is being run terribly and extremely disrespectfully. I 'do my bit' in many ways and have done for many years. A bit more than just buying my tickets/shirts. Its only been recently that I have 100% turned against the chairman and believe that I am justified in doing so. I do not like being lied to. There have been many instances when this has happened in recent times, even if those lies were perhaps not intended to be lies at the time. Action speaks far louder than words and barely a word he has spoken in the last few years has been delivered on. There comes a time when the kid crys Wolf too many times...

 on: Today at 11:34:38 
Started by GrangeParkCobbler - Last post by sxcobbler
(BAR)  AFC Bournemouth  v  Aston Villa 1-2
(BAR)  Everton  v  Watford 2-0

(SBC)  Charlton Athletic  v  Queens Park Rangers 1-2
(SBC)  Sheffield Wednesday  v  Bristol City 1-1

(SB1)  Crewe Alexandra  v  Port Vale 1-0
(SB1)  Shrewsbury Town  v  Millwall 2-1

(SB2)  Bristol Rovers  v  Cobblers  2-2
(SB2)  Stevenage  v  Notts County 1-2

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