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April 17, 2014, 11:21:28 am
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 on: Today at 11:04:37 
Started by Whytewell - Last post by The 12th Marquis of Sixfields
I and one of my mates have been ST holders since Sixfields opened. Neither of us  had an email and should I be waiting for the literature by post (if any is being sent) I would probably miss the cheapo deadline. It's only because of this messageboard that I know what's going on. Anyway, I've renewed but at least I was spared the 'dawn of a new era' clap trap.
pretty pathetic really isn't it? makes you wonder if fans turning up is an inconvenience for them. As soon as I open the Web page up there should be something in my face telling me how to renew, not some flannel about how we want to win a match and stay up

 on: Today at 10:58:22 
Started by Whytewell - Last post by bri77
Just when i was beginning to forget Sad

 on: Today at 09:43:27 
Started by Whytewell - Last post by cobblertone

I did chuckle to myself when I saw a rack of those inside the club shop yesterday. I mean, come on!!!!

 on: Today at 09:31:26 
Started by Whytewell - Last post by Artlenock Cobbler
I don't want to be forced into taking out a finance package and it's quite irresponsible to try and push it. I understood I could buy them online but I can't find where to do so.

Still waiting for some paper literature through the door as well. Might make this whole process easier. At the moment I have tomorrow (at work), Friday (at Wycombe), Saturday (have plans), Sunday (Sunday) and Monday (they'll be slightly busy)

I and one of my mates have been ST holders since Sixfields opened. Neither of us  had an email and should I be waiting for the literature by post (if any is being sent) I would probably miss the cheapo deadline. It's only because of this messageboard that I know what's going on. Anyway, I've renewed but at least I was spared the 'dawn of a new era' clap trap.

 on: Today at 09:01:09 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by Shoemaker
So are you saying what I put on here , the minutes of the meeting are untrue ? These are documented and agreed as a true reflection of the meeting. Like I said before there were at least 3 people at that meeting who were not Trust board members ,you yourself say you don't know who were guests  and who were board members , yet you come on here stating " the Trust said this the Trust said that" when you admit you didn't know who was who. You really ought to get your facts right.  What has the website got to do with this ,nobody mentioned the website ?
If apologies are due roger then you have them.
However can you not acknowledge that an elderly gentleman by the name of tony raised a point about the redevelopment and if it would be possible to gauge fans opinions and report the findings via the trust to DC.
The response was that of not rocking the boat and why would he listen as he could do whatever he decided to anyway.
That's the bare bones of my point.
You are right as regards non trust attendees but people like yourself and ant collet er al all seemed decent people as I said on here after reporting on the meeting.
However as one cobblers fan to another I do find it unfair that no one will acknowledge this and would rather hang me out to dry when I'm just stating a question and the answer given.
Maybe in future all trust meetings could be recorded and put up on the site for people to hear in the interest of openness.
I have played with a straight bat and backed the hard work done by the trust as regards fundraising and away travel etc roger but I do think that an overriding impression of not rocking the boat does not help going forward and maybe the trust board need someone to ask the difficult questions rather than be content to tow the party line.
It isn't my wish to fall out with anyone regards fellow cobblers fans but I do think that the whole redevelopment saga and the lack of fans input is not going to help the club to go forward.

 on: Today at 07:34:41 
Started by GrangeParkCobbler - Last post by coboz

 on: Today at 01:41:03 
Started by Bingers - Last post by GrangeParkCobbler
Saw a few from the air on my return to East Midlands yesterday......over the South Coast I saw Southampton and Portsmouth, next up was Stadium MK, followed by Sixfields and Franklins Gardens, next up was Derby County before swinging round over Burton Albion before landing!

 on: Today at 01:00:38 
Started by Bingers - Last post by Ed
Godalming Town FC annnnd Aldershot today.
Wembley yesterday.

 on: Today at 00:22:19 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by lodgeadam
So are you saying what I put on here , the minutes of the meeting are untrue ? These are documented and agreed as a true reflection of the meeting.

The plans for the East stand are documented... whether they are a true reflection of the new east stand or not is debatable as are any scribed minutes to any meeting in the world.

For example "Andy Clark feedback back points learnt from meeting his meeting with Steve Allen" doesn't actually give us the points that Andy Clark feedback back back thus missing the vital information. Rendering this particular meeting note completely useless and not a true reflection of what was discussed at the meeting at all, as I'm sure Andy Clark didn't just say 'yes I had a meeting my meeting with Steve Allen, thanks for coming'.

P.S. I wasn't at the meeting as I don't see the point of people with no influence asking people with even less influence to gather round and discuss people who do have an influence who are only notable by their absence.

 on: Today at 00:12:21 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by cobblertone
Almost everything has been handled poorly in the last 10 years Tone that this latest stuff is no surprise to me.

This season on and off the pitch has once again demonstrated how low we have sunk. Finally some fans are actually realising what is going on. I'm afraid it might take non-league football for it to sink in for many others.

We have a chairman who did not want to invest in ground / staff improvements for 10 years because of this so called development. We could not improve the match day experience if it cost anything, (ie. move the ticket sales cabins, signage, etc etc) but suddenly we have great big County signs all over Sixfields. To me that clearly demonstrates exactly where DC is regarding NTFC the football club.

Please tell me something that has improved at Sixfields in the last 5 years?

DC feels that his 7 million has kept the club afloat and should give him authority to do just what he wants to get his money back. In any other business it would be true but not with professional football clubs. It is our club and he is absolutely destroying it, if this development goes ahead as is it will put us back 20 years or more.

You only have to look at Oxford, their former chairman built the ground, well started, got his hotel built and then left. It looks like history is repeating itself.

Roger, the Trust soon have to make a stand, either they are with the club / fans or with the chairman.
DC has little interest in the fans, or the team / club in the medium or long term.

With the development nothing has been mentioned regarding the supporters bar, the club shop, the ticket sales, the food and catering etc, nothing regarding the Trust have an office or meeting centre. Nothing.
Anyone trying to grow a club knows how important looking after the players and facilities are. Did you see the before and after East Stand photos, well they clearly show why we are bottom, WTF !
Has anything been said about training facilities or youth setup etc ?

Marvo. 10 million on stadium and training facilities every time.  Look at WBA, years ago they got into the Prem and struggled. The fans were calling for 5 m signings to stay up. The board refused and invested in the ground, staff and state of art training facilities. 10 years on or whatever, they are a reasonable prem club because their facilities allow them to attract the players and keep the better ones.

DC has already spent 7 million your way, on players and managers, look where it has got us, then look around the ground, look at those east stand photos.

Look also at Rotherham, fantastic new ground, look at their league position. But also look at their ball boys, all in matching track suits, even matching gloves and a nice seat to sit on, look at our ball boys, spot the difference.

Running a football club is bloody hard work, those with the passion do so much better than those without. 

Anyone will struggle to dispute any of that and I appreciate that you have been closer than most to have some first hand insight.
The investment in successive managers, players etc cannot be disputed. Poor choices in some instances and an awful amount of bad luck in others, with a net result of currently staring at the trap door.
The prime examples of where we should (but haven't IMO) come on leaps and bounds are the ticketing, club shop, match ticket marketing etc. You can add catering but most clubs serve up over priced crap and I've heard good feedback about the match day VIP packages and have enjoyed one myself. Like you said, it is hard work and who knows if anyone here would do a better job. However, from the outside and comparing to other customer experiences with similar sized outfits, the overall picture is disappointing. We'd all like us to be (and have been) a growing entity, on and off the pitch.
The no.1 focus from day one for the current owners would have been to develop the area, with only the most blinkered thinking otherwise.
I've no doubt that DC has long since fallen in love with the footballing side of matters, it's natural if you own the club! I just think that he either hasn't surrounded himself with the best people, or is that bloody minded that it's going to be his way or the highway and that his way hasn't always been in line with the best interests of OUR club as paying customers and in many cases with a lifetime of emotional investment!
I hate to say it but I look on in envy anytime I am in the vacinity of the MK Donkeys or see their promo stand in shopping centre.

I know Marvo said that the fans will 'drive him out' or words to that effect. I don't think so. He is at the most critical stage of his Cobblers adventure so far and I'm sure he is more than thick skinned enough to read some heart felt messages, granted some is bordering on bile. If it is an opportunity to feel the pulse of the fanbase, then it is a positive forum for him and others to read how a cross section of the support is feeling. Assuming they read the board of course.  Wink

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