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September 22, 2014, 17:11:02 pm
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 on: Today at 17:04:19 
Started by The 12th Marquis of Sixfields - Last post by barton cobbler
Duke has to be one of the worst time waters I have ever seen. The time he has taken on occasion to take a goal kick has been so embarrassing. I can remember Mark Richards getting up to all sorts against us to waste time and wind the Northampton fans up.
All teams are as bad as each other. I'm completely against it but its silly allowing it to wind you up.
I know that all teams waste time but its not difficult for the ref to stop it is it ? It was blatantly obvious that Stanley were wasting time so all the ref had to do was warn them that if anyone else did it ,he would book them and you could guarantee that he would have only had to book 2 at the most.
     The only ref that I can remember adding all the wasted time on was the one we had against Wimbledon last season, when the dons were down to 10  and they scored in that added time!!

 on: Today at 17:04:06 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by Adam-NTFC
Alfei may be a lovely lad but he looks terrified and out of his depth - kindest thing would be to let him go back to Swansea reserves so be can keep his pro footballer dream alive a little longer where nobody's watching.

Because all the 'goalkeeping coaches' will come out if I try to explain why, I'm just going to say that Archer isn't very good.

Happy to take anyone's money on a bet that:
- neither will ever make a Prem start in the future
- both will be playing at a level lower than L2 in three years from now.
So why are they in our team today?

Fair about Archer, I apologise haha

 on: Today at 17:03:37 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by DrillingCobbler
Im not suggesting that we throw more money at it, far from it!

1. New right back. Funds would come from sending Afrei back (like for like replacement in terms of cost) OR accommodating the change in-house if that isn't an option (Tozer, Collins when Horwoods fit)
2. We have loads of midfield options, pair one of the current two up (preferably Byron) with RR or Carter or even Tozer (defensive centre midfielder).
3. Use cash saved on sending Archer back on another keeper OR stick Snedker in until Dukes fit.

In my opinion, it just needs tweaking. Lets not panic....before Saturday we had conceded:

0 v Mansfield
1 v York
1 v Shrewsbury
2 v Pompey   
0 v Dagenham
0 v Exeter
3 v Newport **
1 v Hartlepool **
5 v Accrington **

SO 8 FROM 8 before Saturday....Equals 46 over season.

HOWEVER....when we've played with Archer  (**) - its 9 FROM 3.


So, as I say lets not panic. Alfei was at fault at York for the goal and again at Pompey. Whilst the two capitulations...Newport and on was plain and simply an issue with both our fullbacks, particularly the right back.

So for me, its a relatively simple fix. And not an expensive one...indeed net it shouldn't cost us anything.

 on: Today at 17:03:22 
Started by The 12th Marquis of Sixfields - Last post by Ralap
I had to leave at 2-5...I couldn't take anymore. Not without resulting to swearing. I had my 4 year old with me, Im not quite sure how I contained myself without going past the 'contorted face, nostril flaring look' that had been with me since 1-2!

 Grin I thought you only got like that when you were drunk!  Wink

I'm at least twenty years your senior Shane, maybe it's just my age, I just don't seem to get wound up like that any more.

Put that photo of your lad up from Saturday, I'd defy anyone to get too mad when such a cute kid is looking up at you so lovingly. 

 on: Today at 16:46:10 
Started by The 12th Marquis of Sixfields - Last post by Saint Cobbler
I thought Dunn was quite good.

 on: Today at 16:36:28 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by cobblertone

So in simplistic terms...we need to address the keeper. Address the right back. And even up the outfield players who bring something to the defending party to 5 from 10.

So half a new team, unless you mean drop some in place of the current squad.
Let's not forget that you think the current bunch will win the league, or is there a caveat that we a load more new signings?  Grin

We've got a few injuries but they can't be used as an excuse as every team has them and you only have to look at our bench to see we have a big enough squad. If it's imbalanced then that is a bit of an own goal. DC has been more than supportive with the old cheque book in that regard. Keeper aside I think CW and AK need to sort out some basic defending coaching.

 on: Today at 16:34:46 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by AidyMannsDog
I know people say we need more seats / less seat more boxes etc etc
My opinion is as long as there are two spare seats for Archer and Alfei to sit in as opposed to being on the pitch it will be job done.

 Grin Thanks Nagger, even funnier than watching Manures defence on MOTD last night!

 on: Today at 16:11:43 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by Wolvo
would you rather win 5-4, then lose 5-4 all the way through the season....................or draw every game 0-0?!?

Good point. It was a shambles on Saturday, but had a lad there for the first showing of league two football. Needless to say he absolutely loved it.

 on: Today at 16:11:39 
Started by The 12th Marquis of Sixfields - Last post by j20cobbler
Lol. Now that's a bold claim.

 on: Today at 16:08:50 
Started by DrillingCobbler - Last post by j20cobbler
You've got to be equally good with the ball as you are without it.

At the moment we have a crap goal keeper.

In addition...we have only 4 outfield players from 10 who can in anyway shape or form defend..and 1 of those (Alfei) is terrible at it. Every time.

So in simplistic terms...we need to address the keeper. Address the right back. And even up the outfield players who bring something to the defending party to 5 from 10.

We will end up with more of the ball and will concede less goals. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.
So how much more money are you suggesting we throw at it?

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