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December 12, 2017, 21:54:50 pm
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 on: Today at 14:03:37 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by GrangeParkCobbler
Fair comment ; am sure there is nothing personal in your "snipe"; but your defence of the buffoon who dishes out insults for fun is equally unproductive.

Iím not defending you at all sir!!  Wink

 on: Today at 13:54:38 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by Boot and shoe
Good to see the chairman has spoken and echoed the sentiments of any sensible supporter on here .
Itís not good enough and the players arenít earning their crust .
Forget January - start playing now is his message .
Absolutely right as well .

 on: Today at 13:52:35 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by everbrite
Your usual type of riposte.....unproductive as ever Nevers!!

Fair comment ; am sure there is nothing personal in your "snipe"; but your defence of the buffoon who dishes out insults for fun is equally unproductive.

 on: Today at 12:58:06 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by SteveRiches
I do think we actually look pretty good when we have wingers fit (maybe for a maximum of a couple games this season?). This is why I believe if we sign 2 better wingers (and at least one striker as a minimum), we will see an upturn in performances and results. Last couple of games I feared a hammering when seeing the amount of central midfielders we're squeezing into one starting eleven.

It could be argued this is JFH's fault for not adopting a (dreaded) wing back or a diamond formation. But the likes of Melville and JED still have my blame at the moment. Personally, I'd be looking for a wing back formation if Hoskins and Powell are not available going forward with McGugan and Crooks playing behind Long.
Wingers create goals. Always have always will. Get your crosses in, you win games - although clearly there must be a proper striker on the end of it - which is our second problem. Then of course there's a third problem - hardly any ball winners or play-direction changers in midfield! A fit JJO'T is a prime example of one of those. So basically, having written all that I suppose I'm saying we need to offload 50% of the current squad and replace them with what we're missing! Depressing.

 on: Today at 12:49:35 
Started by The Rauldinho - Last post by GrangeParkCobbler
I don't "think" the covers were put down prior to the snow. Perhaps a case of not wanting the game to go ahead?? Then again the snow is probably a good insulator from the freezing conditions.

Temperatures back up to 6 degrees tomorrow....if fact it will be "warmer" tonight than it is in the day!!

 on: Today at 12:48:04 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by GrangeParkCobbler
I admire your audacity in calling JFH a muppet. The hat fits!

Your usual type of riposte.....unproductive as ever Nevers!!

Anyway....we keep going on about no wingers......but think back to Hass' first game in charge....Doncaster at home, and a certain George Smith flew down the left wing and produced a peach of a cross for Crooks to score the only goal of the game. 21 seconds into his managerial reign........

He sprung a surprise in making that team selection, but perhaps its more of a surprise why he hasn't repeated the trick and used Smith in a similar position since!

 on: Today at 12:37:59 
Started by The Rauldinho - Last post by The Rauldinho
I read this as no Ingram, Hoskins, McWilliams or Powell.

 on: Today at 12:12:28 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by everbrite
I'm beginning to think Hass is a Muppet. I've never seen us play so badly we are going backwards.

I admire your audacity in calling JFH a muppet. The hat fits!

 on: Today at 11:38:37 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by random
Instead of moaning on here why don't you all message JFH and KT. Sure they will listen and change things for you all

In fact why are you all moaning?  Soon we will be back where most of you want to be, in League 2 in a crap ground with a chairman who is all talk and waiting for NBC to give him lots of money / land.

Sorry but i dont understand how you lot can moan and whinge about the team and players (all of which changes constantly month after month) yet have no interest in the actual club that you support.

How you are all happy to accept some saviour who is here not to build and develop NTFC unless he can get NBC to pay for it is beyond me. The club is rotten to the core and the Chairman must take the blame for this, which includes the management and players. As i have said many times, if you try to stand still you go backwards, and backwards is where we are going. Every manager has failed here in the last 15 years except for one who turned the dire situation to an advantage, that points to the direction or lack of from the top.

 on: Today at 11:24:40 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by rebelspawn
No I don't, I think he was right in his initial assessment that he had a talented and able squad!
In an earlier post responding to Bungle I said JFH does not compare favourably to JED and he got the bullet. I was pointing to the mutterings he is now coming out with, using them as vague reasons to excuse himself of any blame.
Whilst JED was fired because he couldn't/didn't get time to make it work, JFH is now playing for time with the sweetner of we'll be alright come January.
I agree with most who say we need more width and firepower, but we should be doing better now. The tinkerman approach isn't helping and Jimmy needs to shoulder some of the responsibility.

Talented and able, some of them may well be. But there is no hiding from the fact that we are massively unbalanced. JFH inherited a squad of 29 players, with only one winger, 3 goalkeepers, 3 leftbacks and what is it, 9? central midfielders.

Both Foley and Kasim were pre-Chinese money. But instead of using the Chinese money to sign decent wingers, JED signed more central midfielders. That was the biggest mistake and we are still paying for it. Rob Page did exactly the same thing when we lost holmes and Adams, he had the middle of the park sorted but signed Matt Taylor instead of good wingers.

I do agree that he should tinker less, and not build the team so heavily focused on the opposition though. We should have a basic philosophy and stick to it IMO. Having said that though, if there is player unrest in a squad of 29 players and JFH plays a rigid 11 week in and week out, it may cause more harm than good. Maybe thats one of the reasons he is doing it.

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