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December 12, 2017, 21:54:36 pm
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 on: Today at 09:54:33 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by Irchy cob
I honestly can’t understand why Melville’s still here (especially with his track record) now that graham Carr is with us, but this is another situation where the club has gone into radio silence. In fact there is a complete lack of any information from behind the scenes.

 on: Today at 09:48:17 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by Wolvo
What is difficult to fathom out though is that we've had not one but two false dawns. Mini runs when we have looked rather good. The rest of the period has served up football on a par with the worst we've ever seen.

I do think we actually look pretty good when we have wingers fit (maybe for a maximum of a couple games this season?). This is why I believe if we sign 2 better wingers (and at least one striker as a minimum), we will see an upturn in performances and results. Last couple of games I feared a hammering when seeing the amount of central midfielders we're squeezing into one starting eleven.

It could be argued this is JFH's fault for not adopting a (dreaded) wing back or a diamond formation. But the likes of Melville and JED still have my blame at the moment. Personally, I'd be looking for a wing back formation if Hoskins and Powell are not available going forward with McGugan and Crooks playing behind Long.

 on: Today at 09:35:42 
Started by The Rauldinho - Last post by The Rauldinho
Lots of chatter after the hammering by Oldham, can we get some points against a team that has won it's last three?

 on: Today at 08:58:35 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by Village Idiot
What tends to happen in football (with a struggling team) is that they will go a few games losing by the odd goal, appearing to be down on their luck etc. Players will get injured. Then the 'thrashings' kick in. Manager gets sacked, it starts all over again.

This occasion is unique in that the incumbent manager has not had a chance to recruit. Thats got to be a first? I Cannot recall a previous manager (Terry Fenwick maybe?) whom we've had that hasn't been responsible for at least part of the squad on his departure?

What is difficult to fathom out though is that we've had not one but two false dawns. Mini runs when we have looked rather good. The rest of the period has served up football on a par with the worst we've ever seen.

When Johnson was sacked we lost 7-2 and 4-0 in the two games which followed. Id predict something similar if JFH was relieved of his duties at this point in time. I went to the capitulation at Plymouth back then…3-0 down after 20 minutes. Plymouth were right at the bottom with us. So we've seen it all before!

Basically we need a big freshen up of the squad. Id argue 7 or 8 out, 3 or 4 in. And it needs to happen during the first week in January. It will be very expensive but thats our only chance of staying in this division. No manager will get 'this lot' doing well on a consistent basis, the heart isn't in them and theres too many deficiencies to cover up the huge cracks now that confidence is shot to bits. Im sure there are issues, goes with the territory when a football team is struggling so badly.

Its all very depressing but we are where we are, we've changed managers 3 times in the last 16 months and JFH hasn't had an opportunity yet to tap up his mates. He's high profile…that should help our case come January. We hope!
Again a good overview.

My concerns are how on earth do you ship out 7 or 8 players in early January?
Also will he be able to recruit the pacey players we require in the first week of January?

Happy Christmas and a more productive New Year......even KT said this morning (Radio Northampton) that he expects the legal issues to be resolved in the 'early new year' -December 2018?Huh??

 on: Today at 08:07:50 
Started by Village Idiot - Last post by St Edmundsbury Cobbler
Interesting isn't it?
So on the 5th September Jimmy reckoned his inherited squad had the talent and the ability, and that it was a matter of finding the right way forward as a group.
Three months on seems he's still looking.

We have a squad with talent and ability, the excitement in the summer at the arrival of the players shows that. The problem is, with the exception of O'Toole, there isn't any backbone or steel in there.

 on: Today at 01:53:18 
Started by paul thompson is - Last post by Melbourne Cobbler
On another note I wouldn’t be too hard on Mr Thompson either. He’s just got the hump cause he’s done a 400 mile round trip and sat in the freezing cold for that crap. Don’t blame him really. He’s going to make sure he damn well gets something for his money and the best he can come up with is exclusivity of opinion on this site. Given the pain and effort he’s been through I almost feel inclined to give it to him. Still he’ll get over it. A couple of signings in January and his frozen testicles in Boundary Park will be a distant memory, god bless him!

 on: Yesterday at 23:30:06 
Started by paul thompson is - Last post by Terryfenwickatemyhamster
Agree with GPC. I am one of those who come under attack for not accepting all that KT throws at us occasionally and increasingly occasionally.  I have also been critical from time to time of the silence from the Trust.  That always sparks a strong reaction.  I don't agree with all that Beds writes by any means but he is right when he says about NTFC's perennial struggles both on the pitch and off it that is doesn't have to be like this.  People have short memories when it comes to our owners. Not so long ago we had on this site a large number of the "In Dave we trust" brigade.  Incredible when you think about it.  Now when some perfectly reasonable questions are asked of KT, his plans for the club, about the Chinese etc., JFH etc the criticism rains down on those who have the audacity to even raise such questions.  Small wonder that some have decided to go and play elsewhere.

Are you currently holed up somewhere in need to of rescue or assistance? Or are you no longer "under attack"?

 Grin Grin Grin

 on: Yesterday at 22:40:35 
Started by Cobbler78 - Last post by Glastonbury Cobbler
Thick as two short planks!

You most certainly are!

 on: Yesterday at 22:24:02 
Started by Cobbler78 - Last post by Cobbler78
I'm not the one taking the projection as gospel.

Thick as two short planks!

 on: Yesterday at 22:14:03 
Started by Dr Feelgood - Last post by WadeyCobbler
We need to stay within one win from safety before January, which remarkably despite our poor form, we still are (ignoring games in hand). However the four remaining games of this year I can only see us getting a maximum 3 or 4 points and that's me being optimistic. 

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