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December 09, 2023, 11:18:05 am
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 on: Yesterday at 14:15:30 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by Shoemaker
I've said I'll stand for the board - but nothing is ever going to change through the will of one person, a collective effort is required.
Just use any funds to build a statue of geema outside the north stand and disband.
A good use of supporters trust funds to honour a legendary supporter and then close the account and do away with the trust.
No more splits amongst supporters and no more negative spin towards the club…..

Why not put that to the vote?

 on: Yesterday at 13:29:55 
Started by 606 Parklands_Cobbler - Last post by DavCobb
Good old undisclosed amount.

It was enough to cover Hylton's wages and some more to come. Not to be sniffed at for someone who left as a kid. Good business.

 on: Yesterday at 13:09:06 
Started by 606 Parklands_Cobbler - Last post by everbrite
Chelsea money? Youve lost me mate.

Me too!

ps not hard I know

 on: Yesterday at 13:06:29 
Started by Marro - Last post by Terryfenwickatemyhamster
Even I'm not that bad... This can stay in this section. Please give it a go

 on: Yesterday at 13:05:02 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by Terryfenwickatemyhamster
I've said I'll stand for the board - but nothing is ever going to change through the will of one person, a collective effort is required.

Well, taking that into account. I would have thought a rallying call would have been a more appropriate course of action. Rather than an attack on those that agree in principle with your thoughts. Are you trying to generate cooperation, or trying alienate those that seem to be looking for a lead on this? 

Not that I would throw myself into that mix. I'm sure you've got the gist of my thoughts on committees.  Grin Grin

 on: Yesterday at 12:50:52 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by Shoemaker
Realistically though what is the point of a supporters trust nowadays?

The last two owners haven’t wanted to engage with them and who’s to say the next two won’t also feel this way?

I can’t see that things would have been any worse if there wasn’t a supporters trust , in fact things have been made worse by their actions.

Football has changed a lot in the last twenty years and I’m sure most football club owners see them as an inconvenience to pay lip service to at best….

The owners have the money
The owners own the club
The owners pay the bills.

All supporters trust do are tell them what they’re doing wrong with regards to their own money !!!

Supporters trusts are often full of people who would love to play football club chairman but haven’t been successful enough in life to be able to , this won’t stop them from telling those more successful where they are going wrong though.

Twenty odd  years ago football trusts were the big thing , organising buses and jumble sales but nowadays most are an irrelevance.

In our clubs case the trust has managed against all odds to make itself irrelevant!!!

It may seem an awful thing to say but money men own clubs now to make money but trusts hark back to local businessmen wanting to own their local clubs….

Look at the most successful clubs in the prem , none are owned by local businessmen and Man Utd apart you never hear a peep regards supporters trusts….

Talking of Man Utd they’ve been glazers out , glazers out for years now.
Guess what?
They’re still there…..
They don’t need to worry about supporters trusts banging a drum in the same way DB and KT don’t give two figs.

When they took over part of the deal was that the supporters trust had no say , they agreed to this demand and haven’t shut up since !!!

I’m sorry but the whole concept of supporters trusts is outdated.
The fact is you can bang your drum as loud as you like but can always be totally ignored , especially when that is what you agreed to in the first place …..

 on: Yesterday at 12:42:54 
Started by 606 Parklands_Cobbler - Last post by FezNTFC
Not as long as you think... JJOT in January 2018 when he scored 4 in 4 as we went unbeaten....we later got relegated.

That was the first since the change of the renaming of the leagues in 2004.
Blimey. Yer, I would never have associated that season with any of our players winning that award  Grin

 on: Yesterday at 12:42:25 
Started by 606 Parklands_Cobbler - Last post by Tabasco Kid
It was that low key that you've probably missed it or forgotten about it. I'm sure it'll pop up in the accounts:

Good old undisclosed amount.

 on: Yesterday at 12:40:25 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by FezNTFC
Wow. Very clumsy of you. Im fuming even more now. Over and out.
Sorry, just to clarify r.e this point on the record. Never got a vote about Cilldara, I was referring to the ACV vote.

 on: Yesterday at 12:37:58 
Started by sussexcobbler - Last post by DavCobb
It's not documented as it was said to myself and another former Trust board member when we met him before he bought the club. We weren't happy about the situation but he said he was going to finish the stand so we did what we thought was best for NTFC. He said they never held "formal" board meetings just zoom calls.

A sliding doors moment. I reckon the current board (and advisors) wouldn't have and we may have had different owners and the chance to be moaning about someone else.  Tongue

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